W-Focus Training Packages 2021-onscreen

W-focus provides top quality training programmes for advanced professionals. Where possible, programmes are written for and co-led by our clients, to ensure the highest possible integration of the learning materials in the day-to-day reality of learners. Our clients include the most renowned management consulting firms, banks, insurance companies, industrial companies as well as unicorn start-ups. We work with four world- renowned universities and business schools and receive the highest ratings and relevance assessments from our clients. W-focus brings best-in-class professional skill building to your organisation – also during the pandemic 1 Knowing how much responsibility they carry in managing their teams, their client deliverables and your reputation, we believe that, during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, replacing the regular in-person training programmes with online and/or small group programmes would be worth considering to continue building skills and confidence during the times when pressure is highest. Building on a continuously updated set of over 40 training modules , we have developed the following programmes specifically for the Covid reality . These trainings can be organised online using either of the usual platforms or can be delivered in person, with regulatory approved measures in place. Source: © W-focus inc