Training of high potential young professionals, managers and executives

W-focus trainings aim to assist individuals and teams in becoming more aware of their improvement potential, helps them perform better and feel more satisfaction in the work they do.

To quote Richard Branson: “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to”.

To what extent is your leadership toolkit up-to-date?

And that of your teams?

Some people say: What happens if you train your people and then they leave? The alternative is not training your people and then they stay? What would be the impact on either in your fast-changing, highly demanding organisational environment?

From decades of practice in training highly intelligent, highly influential and often highly paid professionals, we have learned that many of them lack the managerial & leadership toolkit to be personally effective to themselves and towards their environment.

Missing skills in, for example the ability to:

  • Provide clear feedback
  • Engage in complex conversations
  • Lead values-based negotiations
  • Provide clear boundaries for acceptable and desirable performance

…lead to far-from-optimal outcomes of their way of managing, and consequently in lack of perceived leadership, low retention of high-potential colleagues and burnout.

To help prevent this from happening, we work with our clients in industry, leading consulting firms and business schools in designing curricula with: