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Strategiser® Top-Team-Workshops

W-focus recognises the need in organisations to re-gain control over their business and re-set strategic goals after times of cost-cutting and fire-fighting.

Oftentimes, large consulting firms are seen as the panacea in these situations. However, the impact of work done, together with the financial burden and the internal loss of focus caused by the intervention, is not always on par with expectations. Or the fees simply exceed the financial means.

W-focus has developed a tailor-based approach where, in a carefully tuned mix of hands-on coaching and self-led work, client top-teams get together for 4-6 highly days of highly intensive co-creation of new strategy and implementation planning. Oftentimes the C-suite top management only joins the workshop on the first and the last day, to give the second echelon the space to develop and pressure-test ideas prior to presenting them formally.

A specifically designed group of faculty, both with strong subject-matter expertise and coaching skills accompanies the team(s) throughout the time of the workshop and helps push team members to the edge of their innovative, managerial and strategic skills.