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Mastering the Art of Effective Management Video tutorials

We offer a series of 10-15 minute long video tutorials designed offer high-quality content in a format aligned with how the current generation of professionals of all tenures consume information and learn. We offer the trainings either one by one or in bundles.

Bundle I– “Professional Effectiveness for young Leaders” – focuses on the essential professional skillset for all leaders and includes the Art of Asking Questions, giving and receiving feedback, managing upward in complex organisations, Building Better Business Communications, Problem Solving for Pros and, to deal with the daily stressors of today’s society, Energy Management for Corporate Athletes and Sustaining a Successful Mindset.

Bundle II – “Advanced Insights for Managers and Executives” – is designed as a follow-up on Bundle I and addresses the essentials of the advanced leadership toolkit. It touches upon The Mindful manager, Manager as Coach and Manager as Boss, the Art of Delegation, Building Transformational Professional Relationships, Values-based Negotiations and Mastering Conflict.

Bundle III – “Mastering the Arts of Effective Management” – offers the combination of all tutorials.

The “green screen” composition of the videos allows us to adapt the content and style to your corporate style and can be accompanied by senior endorsements of leaders in your organisation.

In case you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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