Pharmaceuticals and medical devices

Our expertise in healthcare and experience in serving leading players in this sector has led to numerous engagements on market access and high-stakes business communications. We focus on strategy design, team effectiveness and skill building on KOL and client communications. Our Team Connect top team sessions have enabled many of our clients build their strategy and set up their team for successful implementation.

A | Technology and e-commerce startups & unicorn scaleups

We pride ourselves in building and maintaining longstanding relationships with a series of fast-growing young companies, accompanying their management in their way of building their team, the skillset of organisational members at all levels and nurturing & coaching their talent pipeline.

B | Management consultancy

Building on decades of management consulting experience as consultants and managers, we have developed the Problem Solving Sequence© and an underlying logic flow that is significantly more advanced than what leading consulting firms use. It integrates the complete advanced analytics toolkit and conceps such as rapid prototyping, the pyramid principle and design thinking into a logical flow from problem statement to a compelling story. This, together with advanced insights on building client relationships, managing projects and teams and “managing self”, has made us to the preferred partner for design & delivery of tenure-based training programmes for professional consultants. Oftentimes, we apply the management consulting skillset in corporate learning settings, helping them to build the “consulting skillset”.

C | Healthcare systems and providers and regulatory bodies

Our expertise has allowed us to provide long-term strategic and tactical advise to healthcare systems in crisis situations, such as in the case of Coronavirus-threats and outbreaks to prevent damage to the healthcare system and the general population. The combination of in-depth knowledge, a well-maintained network of world-renowned experts and a hands-on, not “on PowerPoint” approach has allowed us to generate impact much larger organisations would aspire to, at a fraction of the cost.

E | Air transportation

We advise airlines and railway companies on fleet development, management skill and team building and have played an important role in the through-crisis management during the Covid-crisis. From a background of aerospace engineering, combined with a multitude of consulting engagements in passenger and freight transportation and extensive customer experience, we help our clients build their commercial value proposition and crisis resistance.

F | Energy & Environment

We advise energy companies and international organisations active in environmental protections on the translation of their strategy to operationalisation and organisation design. Our background in engineering and experience in blue-chip energy companies helps us bring insights in today’s main challenges and possible solutions to gain competitiveness and positive impact in this fast-changing sector.

G | Financial services, insurance and re-insurance

We work with the senior leadership of several organisations in the financial services/insurance sector to define international strategies, accompany leadership team restructuring and capability building as well as train senior staff and young talent.

H | Middle- and higher education, including leading business schools​

For more than a decade, we have worked with leading international business schools in programme design, personal branding & career coaching in Masters programmes and training on the consulting skillset, often needed for students to pass stringent recruiting processes with potential new employers. We also accompany corporate clients during executive leadership programmes. Our direct relationship with business schools helps stay ahead of the trends and learn from students and their quickly changing perceived needs and desired on the labour market. This insight is helpful in advising corporate clients on HR matters, notably regarding attraction, leadership development and retention.