Mission Statement

We take pride in helping your and your organisation think new thoughts – nothing less than that
W-focus is a globally operating boutique consulting firm focusing on the provision of strategic, organisational and operational advice, professional skill-building and executive coaching.

W-focus’ mission is to deliver top-quality professional services with a no-nonsense, highly focused and participative approach, enabling clients to build their own capabilities, test and implement solutions to help improve their organisation.

W” stands for “we” and indicates a strong belief in an approach where the consultant works closely with the client organisation, not only on concept creation but also on capability building to safeguard the rapid and seamless implementation of solutions defined.

focus” indicates the high speed and intensity of the work done together, saving time and money and creating impact in the quickest possible way.

 builds on 20 years of multi-faceted experience in 40 countries serving Fortune 500 industrial companies, unicorn startups and scale ups, leading NGOs. They taught us, now we teach them: our roots are, among others, with Shell International McKinsey&Company, and IMD business school.

 is a lean organisation with low overhead focusing on impact, not on selling you our time. We actively strive to avoid dependency on our services. We would rather help you again later, on another topic.

01 | Consulting...

Consulting – providing a fresh set of eyes to define strategic and/or organisational change needed to face the complex and fast-changing reality organisations are facing

02 | Training...

Training –  teaching professionals new skills to better understand and handle old and new problems

03 | Coaching...

Coaching – helping highly skilled professionals unfold their full performance without destroying themselves and their environment in the process of doing so.

04 | Strategiser® Top-Team-Workshops

Strategiser® Top-Team-Workshops bring together the above skills and activities in ground-breaking, intensive 2-5 day sessions where organisations are building their strategy, their team and their skillset in a seamless way, often resulting in a renewed clarity on the issues the organisation is facing from all perspectives: competitive challenges, cost pressure, skill and retention issues. Alignment on the Must-Win-Battles and on a way to address them allows for focused execution and vastly improved business outcomes.  How is this all possible for an organisation that is intentionally kept small?