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1 W-focus operates globally serving leading organisations to help clients become more effective, always keeping an eye of the basic rules of human engagement W-focus is a boutique consulting firm focusing on the provision of strategic and operational advice. W-focus offers four types of services:  Consulting  Training  Coaching  Strategiser® Top-Team-Workshops W-focus’ mission is to deliver top-quality professional services with a no-nonsense, highly focused and participative approach, enabling clients to build their own capabilities, test and implement solutions to help improve their organisation. “ W ” stands for “we” and indicates a strong belief in an approach where the consultant works closely with the client organisation, not only on concept creation but also on capability building to safeguard the rapid and seamless implementation of solutions defined. “ focus ” indicates the high speed and intensity of the work done together, saving time and money and creating impact in the quickest possible way. W-focus builds two decades of experience in a range of industries, activity in 30+ countries in Fortune 500 industrial companies, leading NGOs and senior top-tier management consulting at McKinsey & Company. W-focus is a lean organization. To be able to meet client requirements on location of work, size of the team, duration and intensity of support, W-focus works with a network of partners, including a leading business school, a world-renowned consulting firm and a series of boutique consulting firms, each with their own specialty but with complementary skillsets and ways of working. “It has been 12 years for me in this organisation, and the past 2 days have been the first during which I truly felt connected to the other people in the team.” – a leading member of an Embassy, USA “Excellent is too low a rating for the work Arjen did. Words fail to describe his contribution in the process and outcome of setting our new strategy” – Country CEO of an energy company “Persistant, insightful, patient, pushing, smart. He does his work brilliantly” – Senior strategy manager in a Gas company. “W-focus has helped our organisation grow from a chaotic group of people to a fast-growing company. We ask for their advice on every core people and strategic decision” – CEO of a 300 people startup “The coaching provided helped me see things from a range of different perspective. I am sure I wouldn’t be doing as well without your intervention.” – Vice President in a leading trading company “Very thought provoking and inspiring perspectives. Colourful and a lot of fun.” – Strategy consultant in a leading consulting firm. “The feedback on body language completely changed the way I see myself and helped me become much more effective.” – Senior manager in a Middle-Eastern energy company “Arjen is one of the 10 most inspirational people I have ever met in my life. Others include presidents and writers.” – Independent professional “When I work with the leading management consulting companies, I work with junior persons trained by W-focus; when I work with W- focus, I get true expertise and thought-provoking deep insights” – CEO of a Fortune 100 company. Source: © W-focus inc