Short Bio Sheet

Arjen Iwema – Owner and founder of W-focus
Business consultant with extensive experience in a variety of sectors including non-governmental organisations, pharmaceuticals, health care and medical devices, oil and gas/energy, aviation across Europe, the Americas, Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

During his 8 years as a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company in Geneva (last role: Associate Principal), Arjen has worked in a variety of sectors including non-governmental organisations, pharmaceuticals, health care and medical devices, investment banking, energy, across 5 continents strategy development, capability building and performance management topics.

In his current role, works for a leading management consulting company running complex engagements in healthcare and or organisation capability building and in training. Every year he trains ~450 lower and mid-tenured consultants in problem solving skills, team and self-management. Part of his mission is also to build a stable network of trainers inside his client organisation through coaching them.

Arjen is the training developer for these week-long trainings and acts as lead-faculty on the 10-12 training weeks he runs, often not only taking responsibility for his own stream with 30 participants, but also for 1-2 parallel streams. New is his engagement in building a series of video-conference-based sessions in preparation of on-site capability building. Arjen is the top-ranking trainer among his cohort of qualified trainers. Arjen has a strong track record developing actionable, measurable solutions in not-for-profit and for-profit organisations building on a deep understanding inter-organizational dynamics trends as well as capabilities. Top-ranking McKinsey training expert on low-, mid and advanced tenure training programs including MBTI® Myers Briggs Type Indicator counselling.

Arjen is a certified MBTI® Myers Briggs Counsellor, expert in organisational & leadership development Practice Expert. He holds an MBA from IMD, the Institute of Management Development in Lausanne, Switzerland and a Master’s of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands and is fluent in four languages.

Katharina Weithaler | Presence & Leadership Coach | W-focus

As a presence and leadership coach, Katharina combines her experience as a professional actress, voice-over artist and blackbelt in kickboxing to help clients overcome common issues with internal and external communication, presenting and leadership. Through her unique BlackBeltPresence© method she transforms participants into confident, inspiring, and empathetic leaders.

Katharina joined the W-focus team in 2018. She developed and has been leading the BlackBeltPresence© and Leadership-In-Action programs. She has been an actor and lead facilitator for various leadership training programs at Steps Drama Development in London, using role play to inspire change in corporate behavior. Holding a Master of
Arts in Physical Theatre from Manchester Metropolitan University, Katharina taught movement and voice at Yeditepe and Halic University in Istanbul, Germany, and the UK.

After graduating from the Vienna Conservatory of Performing Arts Katharina has been working as an international actress and voice-over artist. She played leading parts in acclaimed stage productions such as Lady Macbeth, Catherine in Taming of the Shrew and Clytemnestra in Germany, Poland, Mongolia, Siberia and at the Young Vic in London. Katharina’s TV and film credits include playing Dr. Klein in 8 Seconds- produced by Till Schweiger and Queen Catherine in Kösem Sultan, the most popular Turkish TV show. Her first documentary A Journey back to the Roots was awarded Best Documentary at the Antakya Film Festival.

Katharina is based in Munich/Germany and is fluent in German, English & Turkish and speaks French & Italian on an intermediate level. Growing up she was a national champion in competitive swimming in Austria. Outside of work she enjoys her yoga and kickboxing practice, pole dancing and roller skating.

Glyn Mitchell – Executive Consultant | W-focus

An executive coach and consultant in leadership and talent development, Glyn works with Fortune 500 companies to develop the effectiveness of individual leaders and to help clients develop strategies for leadership and talent development, and employee engagement.

During the last 12 years he has provided training and individual coaching to 1’000+ clients, all of them professional service providers. Glyn is one of the highest-rated McKinsey training experts on low-, mid and advanced tenure training programs including MBTI® Myers Briggs Type Indicator counseling.

Glyn has worked with leaders in transition who are preparing for, or have just received a promotion, high potential leaders, and leaders who need to learn specific skills to meet the requirements of their role. His coaching is aimed at building capability and the resources to continue on the leadership journey in an independent and sustainable manner. He has provided targeted training for leadership, communication, and conflict resolution and has helped clients interpret employee engagement data.

He has worked with a wide variety of companies, including pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacture, pulp and paper, media, financial services including investment banking, management consulting, and private equity.

Glyn is a graduate of the University of York in Economics and then qualified and practiced as a lawyer (Solicitor) in the UK, giving him a business perspective and excellent communication and problem-solving skills. He has worked for two non-profit educational trusts providing team and leadership development using experiential learning. Glyn holds a post-graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring, is licensed to administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, the FIRO-B, the Cultural Orientation Framework, and is a practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Lucy Holtom | Consultant & Women’s Health Specialist | W-focus
Lucy is a consultant and qualified yoga therapist, yoga teacher, professional physical theatre actress and voice-over artist. Her skill base in presentation, performance, communication, and self-care all contribute to her work in supporting clients become the best version of themselves. She supports clients working both independently and together in groups through carefully selected yoga practices, movements, breath work and compassionate communication, enhancing their best qualities both personally and professionally.

Lucy specializes yoga for women’s health, working with clients internationally online, in-person and sharing her teachings on the Balance App, an app that has been designed
to support women transitioning through the menopause. This has led Lucy to support women in business, using yoga practices, voice, breath, stillness, and movement to develop greater self-awareness, clear focus, creative inspiration, and to strengthen and empower women in leadership positions.

Lucy originally trained as a theatre actress in the UK, studied her Masters in Acting in Poland and toured nationally and internationally. She has worked as a voice-over artist, theatre director and a role-player in businesses and medical schools.

Wolfgang Esenwein | Storytelling Expert & Executive Coach | W-focus

Based on his two decades of experience as film & TV producer and his leadership expertise as CEO and MD of various international companies, Wolfgang inspires executives to use storytelling as the most powerful communication tool to convey ideas, convince stakeholders and spark action.innovation.

He is a certified life coach and has been working as executive coach. As lead facilitator he has been coaching executives of a large UK engineering company in the areas of leadership expectations, situational leadership, values, inclusiveness, coaching, performance conversations, networking, change management and development &

Since 2005 Wolfgang has been an entrepreneur and business owner. Previously he has been CEO at Studio Hamburg Worldwide Pictures and Managing Director at Studio Hamburg Letterbox Film Production in Germany. He has successfully structured a $30M film fund and private placements in Germany.

He is a graduate of the producers program at the University of Television and Film Munich and he studied film at UCLA Extension (University of California Los Angeles) and business and management at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.

Wolfgang is a member of the producers council of the Producers Guild of America (PGA). He is fluent in English and German. Wolfgang is passionate about health & fitness, nutrition, photography, music, storytelling, reading, learning, and traveling.

Ellen Puschmann | Executive Consultant | W-focus 
An executive coach and consultant in leadership and management development based in the Netherlands. Ellen has a background in psychiatry and psychology and works with highly motivated people who wants to investigate and expand their physical-, emotional-, mental- and social competences. She has over 15 years’ experience in managing -medium and large- health institutions and insurance companies. Ellen works as an independent advisor, consultant, and counsellor to employees of international (retail-) organization with a focus on conflict management and conflict navigation. Ellen also coaches people on (highly complex) mental health problems including trauma focused issues.
In the Netherlands Ellen works with a target group that includes top athletes who demand the utmost of themselves, both physically and mentally, to keep final goals in sight and achievable.

Ellen was guest speaker at (inter)national congresses including the ‘National Congress of Psychiatry’ in Utrecht and ‘World Congress of Psychiatry’ in Madrid with focus on aggression in healthcare.

Ellen is Q-SIS® certified Integrity Specialist Human Profiling profiler, ADR® certified Mediator, Conflict Navigator and Conflict Coach. She practices as a dressage rider at sub top level with her horses. Ellen speaks fluent Dutch and French & English on an intermediate level.

Sandra Werner is a highly-skilled specialist for PowerPoint presentations, templates and graphic design. She 18 years of work experience as a visual aid specialist at McKinsey & Co., Zurich (Switzerland). In this position she delivered a fast and reliable service to consultants & partners. Additional tasks included PowerPoint/graphical training to staff members in Zurich, Morocco and Geneva. She also took responsibility for recruiting of new firm members. She was deeply involved in projects covering a wide variety of sectors, for example Banking, Insurance, Health Care, Aviation, Transportation and IT. On the basis of her expertise and communication skills as well as her concise and efficient working attitude, she was regularly elected as a team member for highly confidential projects.

Sandra speaks fluently German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. Her love for foreign culture made her travel the world: Sandra lived two years in the Caribbean working in Tourism, six months in Cape Town (South Africa) and four years in Sydney (Australia) where she studied Opera at the Sydney Conservatorium. After completing her Diploma in Opera, she founded her own singing school in Eglisau (Switzerland). In the graphic department she worked as trouble shooter and PowerPoint trainer for Presentation Factory Zurich and is holding selected mandates including Acrea AG and W-focus Inc. as a visual aid specialist.

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