Glossary of Terms

The Art of Asking
Questions is defined by the strategic use of closed, open and high-end questions, with focus on replacing closed questions by questions that help both the questioning and the answering party to think new thoughts and thus benefit from the dialogue.

Art of Saying No©
The Art of Saying No is the deliberate expression of Respect for the person asking and Refusal of the task, facilitated by exact Repetition of words chosen to say no, combined with Flaring, or redirecting, towards an alternative one readily would offer.

Black Belt Presence (BBP)©
Black Belt Presence is the concept and acquired art of applying to one’s presence the qualities associated with a black belt in personal presence. It is a distinct combination of confidence, rather than arrogance, a masterful, composed state of alertness and the resulting capacity to react physically and emotionally to any situation in a most effective way.

Energy Management for Corporate Athletes©
Energy Management for Corporate Athletes draws the link between ambitious professionals, who extend themselves to deliver peak performance in corporate environments, and sports athletes, who do the same in athletics. The aim is to derive lessons on energy management needed to maintain reliable access to frequent peak performance for an extended period.

Landing the Plane©
Landing the Plane communication, by analogy of safe aviation practice, provides a method of delivering tough messages without hesitation.

Leadership Style Baseline Assessment©
The Leadership Style Baseline Assessment is the assessment of the leadership style, both in preference and judgement based on specific managerial situations used to prepare individuals for training on the techniques of situational leadership.

Multi-tasking and procrastination contribute to decreased performance and sub-par efficiency; OTO (Only Touch Once), OTT (One Thing at a Time), ITF (Important Things First) help to implement better time management and higher output.

PPPM to IPP is the art of steering free from content-deprived, non-memorable Perfectly Polite, Perfectly Meaningless conversation towards Interesting, Personal and Provocative communication, to increase professional and personal impact from the communication.

Personal Flight Envelope©
The Personal Flight Envelope is a plot of personal energy makers and drainers crafted in axes of objectives, metrics and targets to achieve a level of sustainability with the goal of careful energy management leading to better life outcomes.

Personal Flight Envelope Baseline Assessment©
The Personal Flight Envelope Baseline Assessment is the self-assessment of the degree to which an individual manages their personal life hygiene factors on a number of pre-defined axes. This is compared with their reference group and highlights areas of concern.

Problem-Solving Sequence (PSS)©
The Problem-Solving Sequence defines the steps in strategic problem solving starting with, 1) Problem Statement, beyond a statement of the symptoms, 2) Definition of underlying issues in an Issue Tree, 3) Definition of the 3-5 components of a solution as the Hypothesis Tree, 4) Synthesis of strategic and tactical steps towards a solution, 5) Choice of a Story Line for impact, 6) Documentation of findings using the Story Board template and documenting the proposed solution, and 7) Delivery of a convincing Story motivating audiences to generate impact.

Turbo Structuring is the art of defining the problem behind the question asked rapidly and precisely, deciphering the “ugly thoughts” on the underlying level of abstraction, formulating the “How can we?” questions to aid inclusive problem solving, then defining the “If… then” hypotheses leading to a possible solution for the problem.