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W-focus ist eine Beratungs-Boutique, die sich auf strategische und operative Beratungen fokussiert. W-focus sieht… Weiterlesen >>


W-focus weist mehr als ein Jahrzehnt tiefgreifender Erfahrungen in vier Industriesektoren auf. Folgend werden einige… Weiterlessen >>


Das Angebot von W-focus umfasst Beratung, Trainings, Coaching und Service Plus. Weiterlessen >>

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Senior strategy manager in a Gas company

Persistant, insightful, patient, pushing, smart. He does his work brilliantly.

a leading member of an Embassy, USA

It has been 12 years for me in this organisation, and the past 2 days have been the first during which I truly felt connected to the other people in the team. Thank you for the role you played in this.”

Country CEO of an energy company

“Excellent is too low a rating for the work Arjen did. Words fail to describe his contribution in the process and outcome of setting our new strategy”

More references

W-focus understands that, for you to decide to work with us, you may be looking for confirmation that you are making a safe choice. To assist you in this process, we have references available for you from managers who would be glad to talk with you. Klicken Sie hier, um mehr Referenzen lesen >>