W-focus provides you

– Consulting
– Trainings
– Coaching
– Strategiser® Top-Team-Workshops

Coaching services focus on enabling people in your organisation to become more effective at what they do, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of 360-degree communications and enhance control over time and deliverables. W-focus doesn’t believe in “coaching for coaching’s sake”, does not pretend to perform behavioural therapy and aims to apply coaching as part of a functional working relationship. Our conviction is that the combination of working on strategic and/or organisational topics combined with a coaching relationship “away from the daily job” can help create strong personal impact with individuals involved and thus lay the foundations for your organisation to implement its (new) strategy and live the corporate values. The main methodology used is the GROW-modeldeveloped out of the Inner Game theory developed by Timothy Gallwey and best described in Max Landberg’s The Tao of Coaching.