Strategy and organisational consulting

In consulting, we work according to the following principles:

  1. You know your organisation better than we do – we therefore don’t pretend to know the answer of your problem in a standardised format.
  2. We would like to understand the dynamics of your organisation and top-team by speaking with individuals in the team in a confidential one-on-one setting prior to our intervention
  3. We believe in “I only believe in what I see and hear with my own eyes and ears” as per the Swiss-American Psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. Therefore, we we prioritise on-the-ground interventions, discussions with organisation members and real clients & customers, not with focus groups. This helps us in helping you define customer segments, understand their behaviours and come with durable recommendations
  4. We leave the use of buzz words such as sustainability, co-creation, diversity, holistic to others. We prefer to use “normal people’s language”: simple, direct and honest formulations to help you come with recommendations that can be turned into business impact.
  5. We partner with you on the success of our intervention and offer you the highest possible guarantee on quality: if our services don’t meet your high expectations, we will not invoice our professional fees.

Together with our clients, we work on missions that require focus, courage and a profound desire for impact. In all our consulting efforts, true on-the-ground curiosity and first-hand insights gained from clients and customers are key to the success. Unlike consultants from much larger consulting firms, we take pride in our away-from-PowerPoint, into the real world approach that has never failed us in speed, cost and impact.