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W-focus is a boutique consulting firm focusing on the provision of strategic and operational advice. Read more >>

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W-focus offers more of a decade of deep experience in four industry sectors. Representative examples of recent project experiences. Read more >>


W-focus provides you Consulting, Trainings, Coaching and Strategiser ® Top-Team Workshops. Read more >>

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Senior strategy manager in a Gas company

Persistant, insightful, patient, pushing, smart. He does his work brilliantly.

a leading member of an Embassy, USA

It has been 12 years for me in this organisation, and the past 2 days have been the first during which I truly felt connected to the other people in the team. Thank you for the role you played in this.”

Country CEO of an energy company

“Excellent is too low a rating for the work Arjen did. Words fail to describe his contribution in the process and outcome of setting our new strategy”

More references

W-focus understands that, for you to decide to work with us, you may be looking for confirmation that you are making a safe choice. To assist you in this process, we have references available for you from managers who would be glad to talk with you. Click here to read more references>>